This important article by L. Ron Hubbard offers a refreshing new approach to managing your finances and getting out of debt, and explains why some people get heavily into debt while others become financial successes. Review this site and see for yourself.     Review    Help    Feedback  


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Here are some real successes from applying the works of L. Ron Hubbard to one’s personal finances.


Bullet "This has revolutionized my life. I was going to say ‘changed’ but I am afraid that is too soft an approach! It continues to astound me how L. Ron Hubbard's technology can affect one’s life so positively, so consistently. Thank you." – J.P.

Bullet "This is fantastic! This is one of THE best things I’ve done in a long time." – T.B.

Bullet "I am paying off my debts and have a sense of freedom in this area for the first time in over a decade. It’s a tremendous relief!" – D.K.

Bullet "Applying these techniques to our finances has resulted in incredible changes for us. It took some work but we have, so far, paid off two-thirds of our debts. My husband and I used to fight about money, but now we run our finances instead of our finances running us. – A.K.

Bullet "I got a nice chunky raise at work.  So I’ve been able to start putting some money toward my debts. And this is a good thing!" – H.E.

Bullet "I used to be a little baffled by the whole area of personal finances. As a result, I went far into debt and lived paycheck-to-paycheck. Mr. Hubbard provided me with an understanding of the fundamentals as well as step-by-step procedures which allowed me to reverse my downward path and put me on the road to reaching my personal and financial goals. I now feel for the first time that I am on my way." – MJL 

Bullet "From applying these procedures, I noticed that financial opportunities would present themselves whereas before, they may have been there but I just didn't notice them. I also made money doing my music this year (which is what I really want to do) and I know that I can increase the potential of that as a source of income." – M.C.

Bullet "Among other things, it has increased the level of communication between my wife and me on our own personal finances. It has been surprising, the depth and quality of our communication in the area." – R.S.

Bullet "I was so in need of this data. I’ve found that what’s true for me is simply I can have all the money I want now that I know what to do with it." – L.B.

Bullet "I know how to do proper financial planning. In this way, I make sure I have enough money to pay each bill by the due date and maintain an excellent credit rating." – M.D.

Bullet "I have regained some of my better abilities to have and earn money!" – J.S.

Bullet "My productivity has never been higher. And my bills are being paid and I have not incurred more debt." J.R.

Bullet "My responsibility on finance has hugely increased. I’ve been stuck in a way, career-wise, as my businesses used me up entirely, leaving little of me left to create in areas near and dear to me. I see a way out and through and am moving forward to free myself. I’m more decisive and certain. Thanks so much." – J.L.

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